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In addition to our existing arsenal of SHURE PSM900's and UR4D's we have now upgraded our set with PSM1000's an ULXD's with both B58 handhelds and beltpacks using the high quality Twinplex omni headsets.

All sets are powered with the SHURE SBRC battery chargers and batteries.

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As a partner of the Allen & Heath network we have upgraded our console and mix rack arsenal.

Now available:

3 x S3000

2 x C3500

1 x C1500

2 x SQ5

1 x SQ7

3 x DM48

1 x DM32

1 x CDM 32

1 x DM0

5 x DX168




Podcasts have been around for nearly two decades, but the format has come into its own over the last two years.

Investment from large companies like Apple and Spotify, and the spread of technologies that boost awareness, like smart speakers, have all helped podcast growth.

Many people started making their own podcasts @ home, but lack the technical background to create a nice, cleaned up, good sounding podcast.

That's where we can help.

Not only can we help with the technical side, but also on content and storytelling  we can help you to give your podcast that little "extra" to boost it to the next level.

Please contact us and we will put you in touch with our friendly podcast consultant.


Lo and behold. There’s a Churches tour coming up!

End 2021 and beginning 2022 we will be touring churches in Belgium with our resident artist Jasper Steverlinck.

FOH powered with L Acoustics A10/KS21 and tempered room acoustics with the help of a set of MDC8 speakers in frontfill, outfill and delay ( up to 16 in total)


As all company's in the live industry we were getting a growing demand for compact live streaming sets. This resulted in the purchase of a JVC GY-HM180 camera set combined with a Lilliput A7 on cam monitor and with the ATEM mini pro ISO for direct streaming. This type of ATEM was chosen so, that, at a later stage (after the pandemic), we could still do video "multitrack" recordings of concerts and performances, with the possibility of doing a later edit of these shows.

This kit is available for rent as of now, mail us for availability!

The Allen & Heath SQ5 is the most recent addition to our A&H stock. To comply to our customer demand for a mini console for low budget streams and smaller concerts this console was an obvious decision. Compact and powerful @ a budget friendly price.

Contact us for more info.


The Allen & Heath SQ7 is ideal for small FOH or monitor situations where you require a console with small footprint that still has enough faders to have full control without having to flip to other layers. Now ready to go on your next tour. Mail us for more info !


Another new addition to our family ! Next to our sets of Turbosound TMW115 and EV Tour-X 1122FM we have now purchased a set of L-Acoustics X12 wedges.

ARP has recently joined the Allen & Heath D-Live family by acquiring  2 D-live

S 3000 consoles and DM48 racks.

To complete these racks we have the Dante and Waves cards installed.

The consoles are currently on tour with K's Choice, and Radio Guga.


We kennen RADIO GUGA, de band rond maestroloog Guga Baul, als een coverband van formaat. Onder de nieuwe naam “STUDIO GUGA” werkten ze de afgelopen maanden aan een heel bijzonder nieuw verhaal: een eerste studioplaat.

Zoals vanouds haalt Guga zijn beste stem-imitaties naar boven, maar deze keer met gloednieuwe, eigen nummers. Nummers die zo typerend zijn voor de geïmiteerde artiest, dat het lijkt alsof ze ze zelf maakten. Vandaar ook de titel ‘ONGEHOORD!’. Want zelfs de geïmiteerde artiesten hebben hun nummer nog nooit gehoord. En zomaar in de muzikale krochten duiken van een bekende muzikant, dat hoor je eigenlijk niet te doen.

Tenzij je Guga Baul heet.

Muziekfenomeen Jean Blaute was zo enthousiast toen hij de eerste demo’s hoorde, dat hij de productie voor deze plaat meteen op zich nam. Want wie anders dan Jean weet beter hoe je de sound van elke artiest kan grijpen? Bart Peeters, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, De Kreuners of Clouseau: in de gedaante van Guga Baul en de zijnen krijgen ze allemaal een gloednieuw nummer.

Deze productie kwam tot stand met de steun van de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid. 



Guga Baul (zang)
Filip Bollaert (gitaar)
Bert Embrechts (bas)
Joost Van den Broeck (drum)
Jacques Motmans (keys, accordeon)

all the good.jpg

NEEDCOMPANY : All the good.


In 2014 Jan Lauwers met the Israeli elite soldier and war veteran Elik Niv who, following a serious accident and a long rehabilitation process, became a professional dancer. They had long discussions about his military operations and his development as a dancer in the safely subsidised world of the living arts in Germany. It was during these conversations that the bombs exploded at Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station.

All the good is a fictional self-portrait interwoven with autobiographical elements. There is Elik’s life on the one hand and Lauwers with Grace Ellen Barkey and their children in their house, an old bakery and workplace in the infamous district of Molenbeek, on the other.

All the good also tells the story of a young girl Romy, who is convinced that the world is good. During a trip through China, she meets the soldier Elik while she is vomiting in an alleyway after drinking snake’s blood. This meeting changes her life.


All the good is about loss and hope. A love story at a time in which Europe is sacrificing its values and a large group of people are succumbing to hate and incomprehension. The story of a family of artists with their everyday cares and the omnipresent death, which mercilessly imposes itself both in the seclusion of their home and in the outside world.

For the least well-off among us, identity is sometimes the only life-saver and the only form of self-respect. But it is a false image. It is a dishonest image and in the hands of nationalist forces it can become destructive. Artists must do all they can to make sure that their ‘poetics’ provide a powerful response to the all-devouring political suffocation we now find ourselves in. Brexit, Trump, Erdogan, the abuse of our planet, the terror of the expansion economy and the loss of solidarity all have to be tackled politically. But poetics have to take care of humanity. - Jan Lauwers

Text: direction, set Jan Lauwers
Music: Maarten Seghers
With: Grace Ellen Barkey, Romy Louise Lauwers, Victor Lauwers, Jan Lauwers, Inge Van Bruystegem (replaces Sarah Lutz), Benoît Gob, Elik Niv, Yonier Camilo Mejia, Jules Beckman, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Elke Janssens
Costumes: Lot Lemm
Dramaturgy: Elke Janssens
Lighting Design: Ken Hioco, Jan Lauwers
Sound: Ditten Lerooij
Production Management: Marjolein Demey
Technical director, set: Ken Hioco
Masks: Lot Lemm, Benoît Gob 
Assistant technical director: Tijs Michiels
Stage assistant: Nina Lopez Le Galliard
Tour technician: Saul Mombaerts, Bram Geldhof, Dries D'Hondt, Jannes Dierynck

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