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  • Technical support.

Need help setting up your sound card?

Need help choosing the right microphone within your budget?

Need advice on the "why does my recording sound so bad?"

We can help you set up your home recording set and get you started, or give advice on what equipment will need to satisfy your needs.

  • Podcast recording and/or editing.

 We can record your podcast for you on location, or do editing and clean up of your home recorded podcasts.

  • Content creation and consultancy.

Podcast episodes take the form of a friendly one-on-one conversation.

Don’t think of it like a conference presentation.

Think of it more like an informal interview with a journalist — but one where you can decide what to talk about.

You can choose the topic and agree on the questions in advance.

We can help you on the creation of your podcast, advise on content, questions, just as long as it is within our own line of intrest...

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